keskiviikko 25. marraskuuta 2015

Day 40- Something new

My day started with going to the Shepherd's bush to pick up fabrics for Minna. There are lots of fabric shops at Shepherd's Bush in the western London. Me and my workmate Laura, went to Classic Textiles, got our fabrics and headed to the studio.
at Goldhawk Road station

fabric stores and the Shepherd's Bush market

At the studio I continued working with the silk dress. I'm not familiar with silk fabrics, so I wasn't very comfortable altering this dress at the beginning. But definitely learned new things with this garment, so I was glad to finish it. To alter the shoulder parts, I had to unpick the seam first, then place the lace again and sew it on it's place. 
altering the shoulder parts

finished seam

and from the back
Today I also made a pattern for a lace cape, so that I could make a new one since there was no existing pattern. I started with marking some darts, pleats etc. to the headpiece and the unpicked the cap. Then I was able to put it on the pattern paper and trace it to have a pattern on fold. After that it was quite easy to make a new cap, while trying on the cap and laughing cause it's so not my style :D The cap is pretty and sure fits someone who is into vintage accessories.

a lace cap with flowers

making a pattern from the old cap

ready pattern

a new lace cap

flower details

sewing it together

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