maanantai 9. marraskuuta 2015

Day 24- Great Monday!

Hello! It was very nice weather today, no rain :). I went to work about 11 am and left 6 pm. I've been feeling very tired lately, but also very happy in other hand. It sure takes a lot of energy to travel through the city and be stuck in the traffic some days.

This Monday at work I made brooches (the ones which look like wolves) and continued making patterns for kids clothing. I work very independently at work and it gives me more confidence what comes to making clothes, patterns etc. 
I'd be really interested about studying fashion in London, so now I'm going to search different universities and colleges and hopefully can visit them. Or if I'll study in Finland in the future, I absolutely want to come to London as an exchange student. 
outside the church where I work

details in pattern

getting dark outside

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