perjantai 20. marraskuuta 2015

Day 35- Winter is coming

It is getting much colder here, so I can feel that winter is coming (and it's almost December!). British think that now when it's about +5 degrees, it is very cold. I think it's nothing yet :D. 

Today I was alone at the studio. I finished the belt I had started, posted picture on Instagram, unpicked parts of one vintage dress and started making a new lining for a dress. 

walking to the bus stop from home

above: the sample
below: the new belt I made

the black vintage dress

broken lace..

the Esther belt

at the studio

the dress without lace

dress that needs a new lining


how the hem is sewn before

dress and the skirt lining cut off

new lining with pleats

walking home :)
Now I'll start planning my weekend! <3

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